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Top 10 open-access Journals on Entrepreneurship

An open-access journal is an academic publication that provides free access to articles and research papers to anyone who wants to read or use them. Unlike traditional subscription-based journals, which require readers to pay fees to access their content, open-access journals are freely available on the internet for everyone.

The importance of open-access journals lies in their ability to make scientific and academic research available to a wider audience, regardless of their financial background or institutional affiliation. By removing financial barriers to access, open-access journals promote equal access to information and knowledge, which can facilitate the dissemination of new ideas and research findings, accelerate scientific progress, and ultimately benefit society as a whole.

Moreover, open-access journals can increase the visibility and impact of scientific research by facilitating wider dissemination, increased citations, and greater engagement with the research community. This can also lead to more collaboration among researchers and institutions, which can ultimately lead to greater innovation and progress in scientific and academic fields.

Here are ten open-access or partially open-access journals in entrepreneurship that are well-regarded within the field:

1.      Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies (partially open access)

2.      International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research (partially open access)

3.      Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development

4.      Entrepreneurship Research Journal (partially open access)

5.      Journal of Business Venturing Insights (partially open access)

6.      Journal of Entrepreneurship Education

7.      Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy (partially open access)

8.      Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

9.      Journal of Social Entrepreneurship (partially open access)

10.   International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (partially open access)

Also, you might wanna check these to open-access journals as well:
Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review

Journal of Innovation & Knowledge

These journals cover a range of topics related to entrepreneurship, including business development, innovation, start-ups, social entrepreneurship, and small business management.

Top 10 Paid Journals on Black and Minority Entrepreneurship


Here is a list of the top 10 paid scientific journals that have published papers on minority or black entrepreneurship. 

These journals are paid but you can always contact the authors of a paper and ask them to provide you with a free copy of their paper. Usually, scholars are open to spreading knowledge and giving away their papers for non-commercial purposes. 

This is not an exhaustive list, but we tried to include journals with high-impact factors and rigor.

1. Small Business Economics

2. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

3. Journal of Business Venturing

4. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

5. Journal of Management 

6. Academy of Management Journal

7. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development

8. Journal of Small Business Management

9. Journal of Management Studies

10. Journal of World Business


You can go to each of these journals or simply go to Google Scholar and type your keyword. Here are some keywords you might want to start with:

-        Black entrepreneurship

-        Minority entrepreneurship

-        Racial Disparity

-        Underrepresented minority (URM) entrepreneurs

How to get a glance at the papers?

Usually, even for paid journals you can have access to the abstract of the paper which gives you an idea about what researchers have done and what are their results or conclusions.

Also, if you have access to a university close by where you live, you might be able to download the papers for free via the university’s library access and internet connection. For more information about this please contact the closest university library in your area and ask if they can provide you with access to the specific paper or journal you are looking for.

Peer-Reviewed Journals and their Importance

Peer review is an essential part of the academic publishing process, where research articles or other scholarly works are evaluated by experts in the same field before they are published in academic journals. The goal of peer review is to provide an objective assessment of the merit, accuracy, and validity of research findings, ensuring that only the best and most accurate research is published. Peer-reviewed journals are academic journals that only publish articles that have undergone this rigorous evaluation process.

Peer-reviewed papers are important for several reasons. Firstly, they help to ensure that research findings are accurate and reliable. The peer review process is designed to identify any potential flaws or weaknesses in research methods and results, ensuring that the research is robust and credible. This helps to prevent the publication of false or misleading results, which can have serious implications for both scientific knowledge and public health.

Secondly, peer-reviewed papers are considered to be of higher quality than non-peer-reviewed articles. The thorough evaluation process provides assurance of the quality of the work, and the fact that it has been reviewed and evaluated by experts in the field increases the credibility of the research and the authors, as well as the journal that publishes it. This makes peer-reviewed papers more trustworthy and valuable sources of information for academic research and education.

Thirdly, peer-reviewed papers play a crucial role in advancing scientific knowledge. By publishing only the best and most accurate research findings, peer-reviewed journals help build and expand the body of scientific knowledge in a particular field. This is essential for the progress of science and informed decision-making on complex issues. Peer-reviewed papers provide a basis for new research, and they allow researchers to compare and validate their findings with other studies in the same field.

Fourthly, peer-reviewed papers are essential for academic research and education. Scholars and researchers use them to stay current in their field, advance their own research, and support their teaching. Peer-reviewed papers provide a basis for further research, and they help to ensure that the knowledge base in a particular field is constantly updated and expanded. This is essential for the progress of science and for making informed decisions about complex scientific and technological issues.

In the field of entrepreneurship and business, some of the best online sources for finding peer-reviewed journals include JSTOR, Scopus, and Business Source Complete. These databases provide access to a wide range of peer-reviewed journals in the fields of entrepreneurship, business, and economics, making it easier for scholars and researchers to find the latest research in their field. In addition, academic libraries and universities often provide access to these and other databases, making it easier for researchers to access the peer-reviewed literature they need.

In conclusion, peer-reviewed journals and peer-reviewed papers play a vital role in maintaining the quality and credibility of scientific research. The peer review process provides an objective evaluation of research findings, preventing the publication of false or misleading results, and advancing scientific knowledge. Peer-reviewed papers are valuable sources of information for academic research and education, providing a foundation for further research and informed decision-making. Online sources such as JSTOR, Scopus, and Business Source Complete provide access to a wide range of peer-reviewed journals in the fields of entrepreneurship and business, making it easier for scholars and researchers to find the latest research in their field.